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"You need to come to terms with my inevitable victory. You’ll feel much better."
"Really? Because I just won. I feel fine."

Handsome people of the inquisition will be the death of me.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Hottest Game of Chess Ever Seen

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Anonymous asked: did you see the companion quiz yet? playbuzz. com/serenah10/which-dragon-age-companion-are-you i really hate the pic they chose for that party question.


I did indeed, thanks for dropping it here tho! Here’s the link for those interested who haven’t already done it. And yeah, I disliked the picture as well.

I got Leliana. 

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toyponiez asked: What if the night before the final battle Solas pulls Lavellan away from Skyhold and shows them a tear in the Fade. Basically saying that he can offer her an immortal life in the Fade because the mark on her hand is killing her. But if she goes into the Fade with Solas, Thedas falls. He tells her that she'll die when the final tear closes and he won't live a life on Thedas or in the Fade without her.




meredith voice: it breaks my heart to do it

but if thedas falls, Lavellan’s clan and the rest of the elves will fall. and the Inquisition’s people - her people - will fall too. nope nope nope. you don’t betray your loyal soldiers like that, they have a bond of brotherhood. Gryff wouldn’t write off her friends - Cass, Cole, the others - like that.

i’d be frantically searching like fuck though for a Highly Grey Potentially Superbad Third Option like the Dark Ritual. hell yeah my Warden does the DR, then she and alistair can ride into the sunset. hell yeah i’d do the Inquisition Dark Ritual Equivalent